Value-Based Care

Make the transition to value-based care — with the right tools and team at your side.

The volume-to-value transition challenges healthcare organizations to provide a different level and type of care — while also overcoming complex administrative obstacles to get there. Boncura works with hospitals and health systems, physician groups, IPAs, and accountable care organizations to make the transition to value-based care possible, practical, and process-driven for maximum efficiency.

Our value-based care services are designed to create customized, long-lasting relationships with clients. No matter where you are in your transition toward value-based care, Boncura can help you take the next step in the right direction. Our end-to-end solutions are scalable to meet the needs of multiple types and sizes of providers — so it's never too soon or too late to make Boncura a part of your team.

From helping providers care for at-risk populations to reporting on Medicare-Medicaid Alignment Initiatives, we help providers measure and showcase their progress toward the value-based care model. We partner with your medical director to ensure that quality measures are aligned and being tracked. Boncura’s value-based care services include:

  • Capitation administration
  • Compliance
  • Coding
  • Claims payment and adjudication
  • Risk adjustment services
  • Utilization management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Quality management
  • Information technology, including Epic's Tapestry Managed Care solution and PlanLink portal

To date, Boncura has helped manage more than 450,000 lives over the course of six years. Our "ABC's of quality" cover accountable care organizations, BlueCross BlueShield Pay-for-Quality projects, and Medicare Part C/Medicare Advantage.

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