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What We Do

At its core, Boncura assists provider organizations in moving from fee-for-service to fee-for-value contracts, with the goal of increasing revenues and maximizing incentives while also providing efficient and streamlined services for all clients. In short, we seek to live up to our name by providing “good cures” — for patients, providers, and entire populations.

Boncura offers solutions for value-based care, revenue cycle management, and practice management. Our suite of administrative services includes coding, compliance, utilization management, capitation administration, and more. See our services page for details.

About Boncura

Since its inception in 2011, Boncura has remained a physician-owned and directed organization aimed at improving patient outcomes, efficiently managing at-risk populations to reduce unnecessary health care costs, delivering services in a cost-effective manner, and providing unique and convenient ways for patients, providers, and clients to access our services.

"I picked Boncura because they had the backbone and stability of a provider organization."

Today, Boncura serves more than 7,000 providers and partners, manages over 450,000 lives, and processes more than eight million claims annually. During the past three years, Boncura has grown from two clients to nine.

Boncura is a subsidiary of DuPage Medical Group. Our services allow hospitals and health systems, independent practice associations, and accountable care organizations to provide value-based care through efficient and intelligent administrative and clinical services.


Boncura’s leadership team is a group of diverse, talented individuals with decades of experience in managed care, technology, health systems, data science, and payer operations. Our staff includes specialists from both the payer and provider side who collaborate on efficient administrative solutions for clients. The diversity and expertise of our leadership, combined with the talent and passion of our employees, allows us to deliver efficient administrative services and high-quality customer service to our clients.


The Boncura team has expert knowledge of Epic and its platforms. Our Actionable Insights platform provides in-depth reporting on issues including utilization, cost, quality, risk, network leakage, and transitions of care.


Boncura helps provider organizations manage risk.

Learn how Boncura helped one physician group succeed.

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