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July 10, 2019

A Surprising Key to Taking on Risk

As more health systems and hospitals look to take on risk, they are seeing opportunities arise with commercial insurers. In a recent survey, 64% of finance executives at hospitals and health systems said they plan to assume additional risk contracts with commercial payers in the next one to three years.

So why this interest to contract with commercial payers? First, there’s the opportunity to negotiate, allowing providers to have more flexibility when structuring a relationship. Second, there’s a feeling of unpredictable changes in the CMS’s payment models that’s also pushing providers to look further at private payers.

In fact, the survey found that more than 70% of executives said their organizations plan to take on additional risk and most were confident that their organizations could move to risk soon. Is yours one of them?

Boncura helps provider organizations negotiate, secure and manage risk-based contracts in the commercial payer space. Our expertise has made our clients successful and allows them to take on more risk, not less. Find out how Boncura can help your organization take on commercial payer risk today.