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June 22, 2020

Managing Populations in the Midst of a Pandemic

 If your organization was impacted by COVID-19, you’re not alone. The pandemic’s reach has penetrated healthcare and, in particular, physician practices. With nonurgent services halted and continued patient concerns about the virus delaying treatments, visits practically halted for weeks. This was particularly hard for providers whose main source of income were fee-for-service contracts as they were generating zero income.

However, providers who receive capitation payments may have fared better. By taking on risk and caring for the health of a designated population, those providers continued to receive payments—even if they weren’t seeing those patients in the office for care. 

A recent article from Modern Healthcare suggests that, while the data will have to be confirmed, those providers or organizations with capitation may be weathering COVID-19’s impact better than those who delayed VBC arrangements.

It’s projected that COVID-19 will create a resurgence in value-based care contracts with providers being willing to take on the risk to ensure ongoing payments.

However, your organization has to be prepared to manage that risk and to capture, analyze and report the data on that designated population. Is your organization prepared to do that? Are you doing it now but want to grow your capitation? If so, that’s where we can help.

Boncura already helps more than 14,000 providers negotiate, secure and manage risk-based contracts. Our expertise has made our clients successful and allows them to take on more risk, not less—even during a pandemic. Find out how Boncura can help your organization today. 

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