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June 15, 2018

How Being Asset-Light Made a Difference for a Boncura Client

Delivering better care with lower costs and greater convenience continues to be a major challenge for providers, with few finding the right tools to make a smooth transition to value-based care a reality for patients and their organizations. However, taking on more risk effectively is not impossible. Our client, DuPage Medical Group (DMG), is an example of a successful organization that has taken on risk and achieved robust incentives as a result.

DMG is the largest, independent physician group in the Chicago area, employing more than 1,000 providers at over 100 locations. Their physician-led business model positions them to take on health insurance risk and manage large populations throughout their health care delivery system. Recently, an article about the group suggested that it’s DMG’s asset-light approach that helps it succeed. [1] 

Asset-light organizations, like DMG, have a low number of physical assets and locations; therefore, they have lower infrastructure costs. DMG’s physicians work at offices and affiliated hospitals throughout the Chicagoland area without DMG having to own and maintain every facility where its physicians practice. The facilities that DMG does operate are specific, thought-out and align with patient needs.

“DuPage Medical Group is a leader in value-based care initiatives, and Boncura is there as a partner to help them succeed. By providing their leadership with actionable data, DMG is able to boost their performance and take on more risk year after year,” said Angela Breton, Boncura’s Vice President of Sales and Client Services.

 When outlining the challenges physician groups face, the focus is on the lack of preparation for the transition to providing value-based care. Many providers “lack the capital, market positioning, and organizational capabilities required to compete in value-based care delivery.”[2] Physician groups and a variety of health care organizations cannot simply make the transition to value-based care without support and administrative organization. That’s where Boncura comes in – we provide the organization and expertise to providers in order to manage risk and provide quality, value-based care. Contact Boncura today to learn more about our services and customized plans for value-based care.

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Since 2011, Boncura Health Solutions has remained a dynamic organization aimed at improving patient outcomes, efficiently managing at-risk populations to reduce unnecessary healthcare costs, delivering services in a cost-effective manner, and providing unique and convenient ways for patients, providers, and clients to access key support services. Founded by physicians, Boncura’s expertise allows hospitals and health systems, independent physician groups, and accountable care organizations to provide value-based care through efficient and intelligent administrative and clinical services. Today, Boncura serves more than 7,000 physician providers and partners, managing upwards of 450,000 lives, and processing more than eight million claims annually.

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[2] Beith and Johnson. (2016, May 11). Asset-Light and Ready: Physician Groups Embrace Accountable Care.