Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will it take for Boncura to begin working with my organization?

We've been able to implement change within organizations in as few as three months. Depending on your needs, the Boncura team may be able to begin initiating services within weeks.

Why should I choose Boncura over another value-based care provider?

Simply put, we have the on-the-ground, hands-on experience that many others don't. Our company was designed by health care professionals, and for health care professionals. We started from the ground up and have built a team of experts out of need. We're not a software company who saw an opportunity, but rather a group of individuals who came together to help physicians overcome ever-changing demands.

How do I get in touch with someone to learn more?

Visit our contact page and somebody will be in touch with you shortly.  

How is your pricing determined?

Our competitive pricing structure is based on a partner's selected services and the length of contract. Contact us to talk more about what we can do for your budget.

Why is Boncura right for me?

If you're looking to improve your bottom line but don't have the capital, manpower, or time to build your own team of in-house experts, Boncura is right for you.

Do you work with EMRs outside of Epic?

Yes, we have the ability and expertise to work with other EMR providers. Contact us to talk about how we can integrate into your workflow.

Does it matter where we are located?

No. Boncura is capable of working with partners across the country. As long as we know your organization and its needs, we can work with you from anywhere to refine your systems and boost your bottom line.